Retirement Abroad: That Extended Vacation


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couplerunning156301371One of the beautiful things about working for years upon years to be successful is that one day it all ends. Suddenly, you are finished-depending on your retirement funds you are set around 60-65 years old, and you have lots of living to do still! A situation that is becoming increasingly popular for those who have completed their time in the work force: retirement abroad. But these days, the daunting task of finding the perfect location for retirement abroad keeps you up at night. There are so many factors to consider! If you live in the United States, you have to consider the high cost of living, the fluctuating stability of the economy and most importantly, the disappointing fact that the healthcare system is not as affordable as you would like it to be. If you are from Europe, finding an affordable place is a little easier thanks to the EU —which allows for quite a few benefits if you retire in an affiliated country. If you retire in Asia, your bigger concerns will not be the cost, but the quality of your healthcare—especially in the very low-cost countries, such as Thailand or Malaysia.

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Being an expatriate seeking the perfect retirement location does not have to be disappointing or keep you up at night, especially when it comes to finding a location with suitable healthcare. With international health insurance for retirement purchased to help ensure you are able to receive the care you need as an expat, your long-term residence in a variety of places makes the memory of long hours of work fade into the horizon. Looking for a few great places to relocate to and spend your retirement in? Some of the best places include France, Belize, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Portugal and Spain according to AARP.

If you will be relocating, it is never a bad idea to visit your ultimate destination a few times before you actually move. Take a couple vacations, stay for several weeks, learn the language, explore the culture and participate in the community. Give into the opportunity to grow new roots and see what blossoms—it could be your new home. You could be on your way to celebrating the years of toil for the years of relaxation! There are so many options out there, even for those with a budget, anything is possible! The possibilities for a retirement abroad are almost endless.

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