Is Costa Rica Safe for Expats & Travelers?

Is San Jose Costa Rica safe?With wonderful temperature and an very affordable charge of living, Costa Rica is a person of the best retirement destinations for expats. And when expats from all about the world flock to Costa Rica every single calendar year, we listen to the very same issue all the time: is Costa Rica safe?

We have reviewed the stats and compiled some details to reply that question after and for all. Preserve in head that crime can take place anyplace at any time in any corner of the earth. As a traveler or an expat, you’ve bought to be vigilant at all periods, specially when you are in a new region or a new city. With a bit of popular sense and street smarts, you can significantly lessen your possibility of turning out to be a sufferer of a criminal offense.

Retain reading to master the most widespread crimes, criminal offense charges, and how to stay harmless when you’re in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Crime Premiums As opposed to the United States

The U.S. State Office designates a distinct advisory stage for every single foreign state, and Costa Rica is at a level 1 – the lowest level. Nonetheless, you should always just take normal safety measures when viewing this Central American locale.

Violent crime is on the rise in Costa Rica – in point, in 2017, they observed a file amount of homicides. As of 2017, the murder level in Costa Rica is 12.1 for each 100,000 folks. The murder fee in the U.S. is just four.nine for every 100,000 persons.

But it’s vital to be aware that some U.S. metropolitan areas have murder costs as high as sixty five.eight per 100,000 inhabitants. St. Louis, Missouri tops the record at 65.eight, while Baltimore, MD, and New Orleans, LA arrive in at 55.four and respectively.

Most Common Crimes in Costa Rica

In spite of their rising numbers, homicides are not the main menace in Costa Rica. The most popular crimes perpetrated versus travels and expats are petty crimes like pickpocketing, purse snatching and petty theft. Criminals are constantly wanting to steal U.S. passports, cash, cell telephones, credit rating cards, and jewelry.

As in any U.S. or European town, you will need to be knowledgeable of your surroundings at all periods. Keep an eye on your valuables and preserve your passports and dollars near at hand and you possibly will not slide victim to Costa Rican crime.

How to Stay Safe in Costa Rica as an Expat

The OSAC, the U.S. Condition Office Bureau of Diplomatic Safety, reports that “the extensive vast majority of people do not turn into victims of criminal offense.” However it follows up that statement by stating that “all people today are potential targets for criminals.” The fact is, this is the scenario anyplace you go.

How can you keep safe and sound as an expat in Costa Rica? Listed here are some useful recommendations:

  1. Store your vacation files, passports, and valuables in a harmless position. The U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica implies only carrying a duplicate of your passport when you’re out in general public.
  2. Travel in groups and decrease vacation soon after dim. The exact same goes for any key metropolis – there is safety in figures, and most crimes come about at night.
  3. Continue to be vigilant when withdrawing income from ATMs
  4. Have the range of your hotel and your country’s embassy on a piece of paper in your pocket.
  5. Call your embassy (and regional authorities) if you are a sufferer of a criminal offense.
  6. Verify Costa Rica journey advisories in the spot you system to go to. At this time, the U.S. government advises guests to take added precaution in several Costa Rican provinces. These include the central community in Limon, Liberia metropolis, the Desamparados community in San Rafael, and the Pavas and Clinic neighborhoods in San Jose.

So is Costa Rica Safe for Expats? The Limited Remedy is Of course.

All countries have some degree of crime, but as extended as you are mindful of your environment, you should be harmless. The U.S. Point out Department ranks Costa Rica as a “level 1” state, which is the safest degree. Be vigilant and choose normal safeguards, and you are going to be safer living and touring in Costa Rica than you will in some important American towns.

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